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p(art)ner's Values + Founders

Updated: Jul 27, 2020


We are deeply invested in p(art)ner because it marries our core personal missions, bringing together empowering emerging artists, equitable development goals, creative placemaking, and curated real estate development.

The idea for p(art)ner was conceived through many late-night conversations about how to bring the real estate, community and economic development, city government worlds closer together. We realized that there is a great need to have a place where art seekers have a centralized place to discover local, diverse, and emerging art creators. To do so, p(art)ner brings art seekers closer together with local art creators to discover, connect, and commission large-scale, public art. Many evolutions of the idea have taken place and we’ve been pushed to think harder about what our virtual presence looks like.


Natasha is an artist, architect, real estate developer, and photography small business owner. Her multi-disciplinary background means she knows the ins and outs of complex art projects and how tricky they can be for the developer to manage. She’s searched far and wide, combing through countless artisan markets to find local creators that can help enhance the built environment and strengthen brands.

Carolyn is a policy wonk and startup lover who will form unlikely partnerships between art and culture ecosystems, local government, and the real estate world. She brings together a unique balance of creating and scaling unlikely partnerships, and is committed to mission-driven work like closing the racial wealth gap in local communities.


  • Grit + iteration. We are reimagining how large-scale public art is commissioned. We are committed to elevating local artists creating art as a way to differentiate events and real estate projects.

  • Open-minded discovery. We want to see art creators push creative boundaries while creating work that resonates with the broader community.

  • Locals know best. We will lean on creatives, who understand local people and places, to be our boots on the ground. Local histories and inspiration make public art impactful and long-lasting.


  • Representation: public art that enlivens spaces and places should represent communities and creators who live there. Too much of modern history commemorates and showcases only a few stories and protagonists in public art.

  • Amplification: We want to generate positive ripple effects for places, projects, and creatives to gain recognition.

  • Co-creation: We want to see art integrated in the initial stages of planning and designing a project, to ensure seamless integration and cohesion.


COVID-19 introduces great strife and uncertainty, and many of us are turning to art as an escape and form of healing. We at p(art)ner hope to contribute by harnessing the power of art to humanize the public realm. Now more than ever, publicly accessible art will be a form of healing from COVID-19 and centuries of racial injustice.

We'll be in touch with updates and a up-and-running site. As we continue working on our new site, we will be reaching out to the art seeker and art creators for feedback and ideas.

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