Adrian Kay Wong

Muralist, Los Angeles

Adrian Kay Wong’s work reserves a sentimentality for the quiet and ordinary settings of the everyday. His paintings isolate and encapsulate these moments, looking to examine the visual details and structures that compose them.

Wong investigates a cohesiveness in his image-making through the repeating of basic gestures in the construction of his shapes. Compounded by a visual alliteration of duplicated forms and reoccurring motifs, Wong establishes an organizational method that explores relationships in fundamentals of color, value, composition, and form.

Wong levels the attention between primary subject and contextual detail by a deliberate flatness of surface, intensifying subtle dynamics within the painting. This extends to his subject matter in the same way through Wong’s regard for the fleeting and overlooked. The paintings look to discover and glorify these scenes often missed — the sedentary, the mundane, the melancholic.

Wong was born and raised in the east San Francisco Bay Area and now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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