“Don’t just pay for art because it is required.
Work hard to get the best possible solution for the site and project. If you are not proud of the art, it is just an expense.”
David Jury     |    Vice President
Oakland Medical Foundation

P(art)ner came about as a result of many late-night conversations that help us make a connection between public art and responsible real estate development.


Good public art creates experiences that bring people around a sense of pride for where they live, while unrelatable, generic, or poorly executed public art is a missed opportunity. The other side of the coin is difficult and sometimes contentious conversations that arise between developers and community members. We have seen from different neighborhoods all over the country, even the world, that art transforms developments and places to be more livable, and it must honor the history and people that make it what it is. In order to do so, P(art)ner connects developers with community, through public art.

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